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Top 10 Balance and Proprioception Training Products


Updated June 25, 2014

Balance and proprioception exercise and skills training have been shown to improve performance as well as prevent some injuries in certain athletic populations. The following training products may be a nice addition to your current training routine.

1. BOSU Balance Trainer

Bosu Ball
photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

The Bosu Home Balance Trainer allows you to use familiar exercises (leg raises, lunges, abdominal crunches, push-ups and stretches) while focusing on balance by performing the exercises on an ever-changing, soft surface. The Bosu Home is an inflated, thick rubber dome on a flat, 25" round platform. Includes a total body workout video with aerobic and strength training routines, stretching and flexibility exercises, and balance training. (includes step pump).

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2. Balance Ball Kits

Crunch on the exercise ball
Allan Danahar / Getty Images

A balance ball is a great training tool for any athlete. You can perform dozens of balance, agility, strength and proprioception exercises with this one simple item. Most come with an exercise book and you can easily find a video or book to augment your workout routine.

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3. Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls
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Medicine Ball training is an effective, safe and relatively inexpensive way to build strength, agility, balance and core stability. Great for all levels and ability from the beginner to the elite athletes. Can be used solo or with a partner or group setting. Add a book with sample training exercises and you have a nearly complete home gym.

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4. Balance Boards

A balance board is a fun way to improve balance, strength and coordination for exercisers needing agility training. Great for skiers, soccer players and any board sports enthusiast.

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5. Wobble Board

Another fun and challenging way to build balance and help develop proprioception and stability is with a wobble board. Try to maintain balance on the wobble boards for at least 30 seconds and increase difficulty by closing your eyes or passing medicine balls back and forth.

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6. Agility Ladder

An agility ladder can be used for a variety of skills training and drills. It is adjustable -- the sides are made of durable cloth and rungs are made of durable plastic.

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7. Foam Rollers for Balance

Foam rollers provide a dynamic training surface no matter what your goals. Foam Rollers come in 1/2 cylinders and round cylinders. The half round foam rollers can be used for starters, while the full round foam rollers can be used for more advanced exercises.

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8. 101 Agility Drills - Book

If you are looking for skills training and drills to improve balance and agility this book has 101 different ideas. A nice complement to you training library.

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9. SPRI Xerdisc Balance Training Tool

Features Balance training tool Lightweight, portable air-filled disc Measures 13.5" in diameter and 2.5" in height May be inflated for less difficult exercises and deflated for more difficult exercises using a standard ball pump with an inflation needle Comes with an exercise chart

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10. Slide Board

This off-ice skate training device is adjustable and great for developing lateral strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness. Slip the nylon booties over your shoes and you glide from side to side in a skating motion.

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