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Children and Sports Medicine

Children have special needs when it comes to sports conditiong, and injury prevention. Here are links of interest.

Kids and Sports - How Much is Too Much?
Kids and Sports - How Much is Too Much?

What Causes Sudden Death in Youth Athletes?
Sudden death in young athletes, while rare, is often the result of undiagnosed underlying heart disease.

Crazy Sports Parents - Crazy Sports Parents Stories
We've all seen a few crazy sports parents yelling, screaming and jumping up and down on the sidelines during youth sports games. Share your crazy sports parent stories and help others learn what not to do to support their kid's during sports.

Kids and Sports: Do's and Don'ts for Parents
Don't become a parent who yells and screams at their kids, the coaches and the umpires from the sidelines. Encouraging your child to play sports is one of the best ways to help him or her develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, but some parents take it too far by emphasizing winning rather than skill development and having fun.

Should I Coach My Child In Sports?
Coaching your own child in sports can be challenging. But, if you can separate being a coach from being a parent, you and your child could have a wonder bonding experience while you have fun and get healthy together.

Kids Sports Injuries
Any child who plays sports will eventually have an injury. Learn about the most common types, and how they can be prevented.

Growth Plate Injuries and Information

Parent's Checklist for Spring Sports
This checklist can help parents make sure their kids spors teams and clubs are safe, fun and well managed.

More Kids Developing Overuse Sports Injuries
Doctors are seeing more kids with chronic and overuse injuries; experts link this with year-round sports training and little rest in the off-season.

Personal Trainers for Kids
As the number of overweight and obese children continues to grow, more and more parents are turning to personal trainers for help.

Books Every Sports Parent Should Read
Recommended reading for every parent whose child plays sports.

Injury Prevention Guidelines for Young Athletes
The American College of Sports Medicine offers the follwoing guidelines to reduce the growing number of kids showing up in the doctor’s office with sports injuries.

Getting Your Child Involved in Exercise
Getting your child involved in fitness at a young age is one of the best things you can do to establish a lifetime of healthy activity.

101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent - Book Review

Strength Training for Children
Kids can benefit from performing appropriate strength training exercises; if they do it properly

Strength Training for the Young Athlete
Sure kids can benefit fom strength training. The key is to lift correctly.

Trampoline Safety Tips for Parents
Backyard trampoline injuries lead to emergency room visits for over 60,000 kids each year. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons provides the following safety tips for parents of children using trampolines.

Ethics In High School Sports

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