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Use It or Lose It

Both endurance and muscle mass can quickly disappear if your don't exercise, but haow much and how fast this happens depends on a few key factors.

How To Run Faster

How to run faster by cutting your mileage and increasing your training quality.

How to Dress for Winter Exercise

Stay warm and dry during cold weather exercise by layering you clothes with base, mid and outer layers.

5 Creative Ways To Feel The Burn This Winter

Five great ways to break out of a fitness rut, and feel the burn this winter.

Stay Fit During Breaks and Holidays

If you are wondering how little exercise you need to maintain fitness through a holiday, vacation or other extended break from your regular routine, you aren't alone. The good news is that there are some easy ways to maintain your current level of fitness.

The Best Time of Day to Exercise

What is the best time to exercise? There are pros and cons of morning, afternoon and evening exercise and athletic performance, but research may uncover the best time for exercise.

Build Your Perfect Workout

Figuring out how to get fit doesn't need to be complicated. Here is a basic exercise plan that will work for anyone.

How Not To Exercise

Do you know a good exercise from a bad one? How about good exercise habits from bad ones? These tips can help you learn how to exercise and how not to exercise?

7 Signs of a Great Personal Trainer

Is your trainer worth the price? 7 signs that you have a great personal trainer.

Resolve to Stay Injury-Free

Don't start the new year with a new sports injury. Here are ten simple ways to stay injury-free when beginning or changing your exercise routine.

Winter Fitness - Survivial Tips For Summer Athletes

Tips for summer athletes who want to get the most from their off-season training routine.

Head Injuries in Athletes

There are a variety of different head injuries that can occur playing sports, including traumatic brain injury, concussion and epidural hematoma.

Joint Stability Exercises for Injury Rehab

A good rehab program will include exercises that target joint stability.

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Ankle Sprain - treatment and prevention of a sprained ankle and ankle pain

Balance Training and Proprioception

Learn how a few simple balance training and proprioception exercises can improve performance and reduce injuries.

Sports Concussion

Any athlete can suffer a concussion either from mild and severe blows to the head.

Running Pain and Injuries

The most common running injuries and their treatment and prevention.

How to Get Fit Fast

Tips for athletes who want to improve the effectiveness of their training programs and exercise sessions.

Get Fit Faster With 30-Second Sprints

Want more endurance? Do some sprints! Just six workouts of 30-second sprints may be more effective in improving cardiovascular fitness than an hour of daily moderate activity.

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Women Over 50

The top 5 tips for women over age 50 to get, and stay, fit.

The Best Butt Exercises

Research Picks the Best Butt Exercises. Here are the results for the best butt exercises.

The Best Ab Exercises for Athletes

The best ab exercises for athletes should work the entire core, not just the abdominal muscles.

Knee Pain Causes and Treatment

Knee pain can have many causes, so before you treat your pain, it's critical to diagnose the specific cause of your pain.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains can be painful and cause severe swelling. Learn how to treat these common injuries can speed your recovery.

The Push Up Test Measures Upper Body Strength and Endurance

The push up fitness test is a basic test used by coaches, trainers and athletes to assess their current fitness and to monitor their progress during fitness training.

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