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Core Exercise - Plank on a Balance Ball

Build ab and core strength with this balance ball exercise


Updated March 25, 2014

Plank on Balance Ball

Plank on Balance Ball

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There are a lot of exercises for ab and core strength. The plank on the balance ball is a modification to the basic plank that raises the intensity and adds more challenge to a fairly simple exercise.

Once you've mastered the basic plank, you can increase the difficulty by performing a plank on a balance ball. Because the balance ball is unstable, you will engage more muscles across the entire core from shoulders to toes.  To maintain a solid posture, you will need to make many small adjustments that require greater muscle activation. 

Do It Right

  • Start by getting into plank position with your forearms on the balance ball  and your toes on the floor
  •  Keep your abs contracted and your back straight-- you should form a straight line from your head to your toes.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can, without sagging or arching at your hips.
  • To increase the difficulty, keep feet close together or lift one foot off the floor. 
  • To decrease the difficulty, spread your feet wide apart for a larger base of support.

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