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Glossary of Sports Medicine Terminology - Index

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Bakers's Cyst: Localized swelling of a bursa sac in the posterior knee as a result of fluid that has excaped from the knee capsule. A Baker's cyst indicates that there is a trauma inside the knee joint that leads to excessive fluid production.

Bennett's Fracture: A fracture and dislocation of the base of the first metacarpal, the thumb.

Blowout Fracture: A fracture of the cavity containing the eyeball and its associated muscles that can be a result of a direct blow to the eye or cheek.

Bone Scan: An imaging procedure in which a radioaactive-labeled substance is injected into the body to detemine the status of a bony injury. If the radioactive substance is taken up by the bone at the injury site, the injury will show as a "hot spot" on the scan image. The bone scan is particularly useful in the diagnosis of stress fractures.

Brachial Plexus: Network of nerves originating from the cervical vertabrae and running down to the shoulder, arm, hand and fingers.

Bruise: A discoloration of the skin due to an extravasation of blood into the underlying tisues.

Bursa: A fluid-filled sac that is located in areas where friction is likely to occur, then minimizes the friction; for example between a tendon and a bone.

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