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A New Year, A New Sports Injury

By December 29, 2012

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If you are making another New Year's Resolution to "get into shape," you aren't alone. It's one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions.  But along with those great intentions come a lot of unintended injuries. Sports injuries are common when an ambitious  athletes makes a commitment to health and fitness and jumps in with both feet, without building a nice base of fitness or following an effective plan.

Sports injuries are much easier to prevent than to treat, so this year, go ahead and make that New Year's Resolution to "get into shape," but don't stop there. Add a few more words to the end of that resolution and...

"Resolve To Prevent Sports Injuries This Year"

Although you may not be able to prevent every injury, you will be more likely to prevent some of the most common. In fact, the majority of sports injuries happen simply because the athlete ignores the general exercise guidelines and does too much, too soon.

Other common mistakes include:

This year, why not resolve to do a better job of avoiding injuries in the first place so you remain healthy and able to exercise all year. Check out these ten simple New Year's Resolutions to Prevent Sports Injuries you can make to help prevent sports injuries this year.

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