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Elizabeth Quinn

Could You Pass the Army Fitness Tests?

By May 14, 2012

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After more than twenty years the Army has changed its fitness tests for recruits as well as the enlisted. The new Army fitness assessments do more than measure how many sit ups and push ups one can do, they actually help prepare a soldier for combat. The specific five exercises performed in the test provide a better measure of strength, endurance and mobility and include:

  1. A 60-yard shuttle run
  2. Standing long jump
  3. One minute of 'rowers'
  4. One minute of pushups
  5. A 1.5-mile run

But the Army doesn't stop there. In addition to the new fitness test measures, there is a Combat Readiness test that includes a challenging obstacle course filled with drills, lifts and jumps that look a lot like a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day).

Every year, soldiers will have to complete the test that includes a 400 meter run carrying a rifle, moving through an obstacle course in full combat gear, and crawling and jumping over obstacles while aiming a weapon. Soldiers also will have to run a balance beam while carrying 30-pound ammo cans and then do an agility sprint around a course field of cones. If that's not enough, next they will drag weighted sleds to simulate carrying a "causality" from the field.

To learn if you have what it takes to complete these assessments, read all the details and set up your own training routine. Read More: Army Fitness and Combat Readiness Tests

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