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Is Your Stretching Routine Targeting the Right Muscles?

By January 29, 2012

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Stretching to improve of maintain flexibility is important for all athletes.  But do you know if the stretches you are doing are actually targeting the right muscles? Unless you have a thorough understanding of anatomy or physiology, it can be hard to visualize where a specific muscle is located. And it can be even harder to know if that stretch you are doing for your quads is really targeting the quads or if you are stretching the psoas instead.

That is what I love about Brad Walker's The Anatomy of Stretching. Even if you don't know a ton about anatomy, this illustrated stretching guide gives you plenty of visual cues to help you understand what muscle is being targeted during specific stretching exercises.

Going through each stretch while referring to the book will help you visualize the muscle you want to stretch and get a better understanding of where the muscle begins and ends. After reviewing the book, stretching will not only feel good, but it will do some good as well.

Stretching Exercises By Sport

Here are some basic stretching routines for athletes who play specific sports.

Injury-Specific Stretching Routines

Here are some sample stretching routines for athletes who have specific injuries.

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