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Elizabeth Quinn

Calf Injury Rehab Routine

By November 27, 2011

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Calf pain and injury is a common problem for athletes. Calf strains can result from a long list of reasons including muscle imbalance, overuse, fatigue and often, just bad timing.  Calf strains can be simple, minor injuries that heal quickly, or a severe tear that requires patience and rehab to heal properly.

A  regular stretching and strengthening program can help prevent some calf injuries, but if you are on the mend from a strained or pulled calf  muscle, you may find these progressive calf stretching exercises helpful as you heal.

Using a gentle and gradual stretching and flexibility program will help you gain range of motion and prevent future calf injury. Follow the advice of your therapist when beginning these exercises, and go at your own pace.

Scrip Spidertech Calf Tape

Some athletes find that taping the calf with a special pre-cut athletic tape, can reduce pain and help protect from further injury.

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Share Your Calf Strain Story --> Have you overcome a calf muscle injury?  Tell us how you managed your recovery and how you prevent re-injury.

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