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Metabolism Boosters - How to Increase Your Calorie Burn Today

By October 23, 2011

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Calorie burning is a hot topic. Nearly everyone is interested in finding a secret or the magic trick to boost metabolism and burn more calories without relying exclusively on excessive exercise. Although there still isn't one magic solution to increase metabolism for weight loss, there are quite a few small steps, tips, and a long list of expert advice that may help you boost your metabolism, burn calories and lose a bit of body fat.

The Basics - Metabolism and Calorie-burning

On the surface, the science of metabolism and calorie burning is fairly straight-forward. Metabolism is the process by which we convert food into energy. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) refers to the rate at which your body burns calories just to maintain vital processes. This number varies, mainly due to body mass and individual differences in body composition, but generally makes up the largest percentage of the calories a typical person burns each day (about 60%). Beyond BMR, we burn calories through activity (about 30% of our daily calories). Even digesting food takes some energy (about 5-10% of daily calories).

Expert Tips and Tricks for Boosting Metabolism and Burning More Calories

Here are some of the most recommended (and the most unique) tips and tricks for boosting metabolism, burning more calories and losing more body fat.

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Avoid skipping meals
  3. Don't diet without exercise
  4. Don't eat less than 1,200 calories a day (you may unwittingly lower your resting metabolic rate)
  5. Eat small meals throughout the day instead of one large one
  6. Do endurance exercise
  7. Lift weights to build muscle
  8. Drink green tea
  9. Eat protein with each meal
  10. Consume Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon is ideal)
  11. Eat hot spicy food such as jalapenos
  12. Enjoy caffeine (in moderation)
  13. Move each day
  14. Stand more
  15. Fidget more
  16. Laugh more
  17. Drink plenty of (cold) water
  18. Get plenty of sleep
  19. Do short bouts of high intensity exercise (sprints, etc.)
  20. Avoid sugar and alcohol
  21. Consume adequate calcium
  22. Exercise twice a day rather than all at once
  23. Exercise first thing in the morning
  24. Practice relaxation to manage stress
  25. Hang around healthy, active people
  26. Turn down the thermostat
  27. Spend time outdoors in cold weather

and last, but not least...

  • Take a cold plunge or an ice bath (burr!)
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